Saturday, November 14, 2009

Garden State Music....?

what song is playing in the movies Garden state when zach braff is riding his motorcycle right before kenny pulls him over for speeding?

Garden State Music....?
Here is the music from the film:

Album Tracklist

1. Don't Panic - Coldplay [2:16]

2. Caring is Creepy - The Shins [3:20]

3. In the Waiting Line - Zero 7 [4:33]

4. New Slang - The Shins [3:51]

5. I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You - Colin Hay [5:18]

6. Blue Eyes - Cary Brothers [4:18]

7. Fair - Remy Zero [3:54]

8. One of These Things First - Nick Drake [4:49]

9. Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation [4:46]

10. The Only Living Boy in New York - Simon %26amp; Garfunkel [3:59]

11. Such Great Heights - Iron %26amp; Wine [4:12]

12. Let Go - Frou Frou [4:12]

13. Winding Road - Bonnie Somerville [3:27]

Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD

Adelita - Francisco Tarrega

Fast Lane - Chad Fisher

Love Will Come Through - Travis

Orange Sky - Alexi Murdock

Such Great Heights - The Postal Service

Three Times a Lady - Lionel Richie

You Can Call Me - The Sho-Shot All-Stars
Reply:damn.... i love this movie and the music in it and i have no clue...... the shins? but idk prob thinkning of the wrong/dif part...
Reply:I think it was one of the songs by The Shins; either 'Caring is Creepy' or 'New Slang'

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