Saturday, November 14, 2009

Garden State?!?

I just rented Garden State because so many of my friends told me that it was one of the best movies they had ever seen. I barely got half way through before turning it off from boredom. Can anybody tell me what was so amazing about that movie?!


Garden State?!?
If you don't find it amazing, no one will be able to convince you that it is. However, as it is in my top 5 film list (and I am a bit of a movie buff), I'll share my reasoning.

1) Cinematography. This is what drew me into the film initially. I found it incredibly pleasing aesthetically, with its sweeping shots, and widescreen awareness.

2) Dialogue. Zach Braff's screenplay manages to be witty, sincere, realistic, and intelligent all at once (I mean come on, an Aldous Huxley joke? Who else does that?). This is always key in whether or not a film will appeal to me.

3) Characters. The people Braff creates are realistic. Their homes are *not* perfect, nor are their hair and make-up. They have their flaws, their issues, and they speak in a natural manner. A combination of great casting, vision, and as mentioned, dialogue.

4) Soundtrack. Braff is a master of collecting glorious music, and this soundtrack is proof of this fact. Such artists as the Shins, Frou Frou, Remy Zero, and Nick Drake work beautifully with the film, and on their own.

That, more or less, is why I find this film amazing.
Reply:I totally agree! It was brilliant. And the soundtrack is excellent. Report Abuse

Reply:Exactly what I thought! Rock on BrightEyedBlasphemer. Rock on. Report Abuse

Reply:I'm a guy who loves action flicks and broad comedies, but I loved this film and my wife HATED it. (There goes the "chick-flick" theory. Sorry)

I think what appealed to me in this movie was the inner sadness of most of the characters and how it was played mostly for humour. It seemed like the kind of life so many of us get trapped in; a world where we're only as good as our best (or worst) accomplishment and, further, we're constantly reminded of that by those around us. It makes life inherrantly empty and sad, but funny at the same time. Think of the jocks you knew in school and how important that was at the time and you'll see what I mean.

I did feel it was a little self indulgent.It allowed too much time to make certain points that were WAY too obvious (the screaming into the void scene is a good example), but it was a good film if you have ever suffered through heightened expectations that really weren't worth the effort in retrospect.

I can understand why some people wouldn't like it, but I give all films a chance unless they're just HORRIBLE ("About Schmidt"!!).
Reply:hahaha...i have some pretty funny memories of that movie. since it is rated "R" and my parents are total sticklers (i'm 16), i wasn't allowed to see it. but my friends and i rented it anyway. when my mom came downstairs to see what we were watching, i quickly paused the movie. trouble was, it was the beginning, and the movie got paused right as it said "Gardenstate". it was hillarious! i didn't even notice, and my friends just died laughing. okay, i could go on, but that would be kinda pointless. so we only go to the part of the movie where the dog was humping the guy's leg before my parents made me turn it off and go outside.
Reply:I happen to agree with you though I did get all the way through the film I thought it was highly overrated.

There are way better young people angst/love story movies out there to waste your time on this one.
Reply:I liked that movie. I thought it was pretty good, but that's because Zack Braff is a wicked funny guy, and i love him in Scrubs.
Reply:It's so sweet and real. It could happen to anyone. Zach Braff's character is someone. We are all really boring. And it's A CHICK FLICK!!
Reply:the only good part in that movie is when the credits rolled by. it was a sucky movie.

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