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Where can I purchase Western Toads( native to my state and county) for my garden?

Hello! I live in Long Beach, Calif., and am looking to use toads as an alternative way of dealing with a slug infestation. I understand it is irresponsible and illegal to release non native species to out area. I would like to purchase Western toads, but can't find a provider. can anyone help? Thanks, Daniel

Where can I purchase Western Toads( native to my state and county) for my garden?
I don't think native species are for sale. I think they are all protected under state law. You might be able to entice them into your yard, if they live in your neighborhood. Just keep your yard lush, green, and with lots of low growing hiding places. Do not use any sort of pesticide, as that will kill the toads, and kill their food source.

You might go to a local nursery and ask in the garden department if they have toads hopping around their plants. If so, maybe you can find a couple.

You also might ask your neighbors if they get toads in their yards. If so, if you make your yard enticing, the toads will find it.

Toads don't need water like frogs do, although they need it to breed. They bury themselves deep in the dirt, or under plants and pots during the day, and during the hot summer. They come out during the night.

Have you wandered around your yard at night and noticed noises in the garden? Might be a toad out there.

I have a few toads in my garden, and I think they hitchhiked here, hiding in potted plants which we brought from our previous house a few years ago. A few times a year I find one of those toads. I live where it is very dry, so toads have a rough time here, except in my green garden!

Another idea is to place an ad in the paper, asking for toads. There are lots of people out there who hate the idea of toads in their yard, and probably are overrun with them.

Meanwhile, for your excessive slugs, you can give them a beer fest. Pour a can of beer into a few shallow pans and set the pans out in the garden. Some of the slugs will crawl in and drown. You can also lay boards in your garden and the slugs will crawl underneath. Every day go out and collect the slugs (wear gloves, slimey). If you go outside in the evening, just after dark, you'll see them crawling on plants, andyou can collect them then, too. Drop them into a can with an inch of salt in it and they will die.

Good luck finding some toads. They are very gnarly looking hunters.

Like this person, I used to catch many toads in the old buried cement boxes that surround the water meters of houses in older neighborhoods.

Good luck!
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