Monday, May 11, 2009

Garden spoilers please?

Hey has anyone seen Garden state? .....Is it a good movie?

What did you think about it.


Garden spoilers please?
Its a really good movie. Classify it as a romantic comedy. Quirky humor is what Zach Braff (the lead actor) does best. If you like Scrubs you like this. The music btw is down right awesome.
Reply:when i saw the promo of it with the let go song on tv i was like wow i gotta watch this movie....i brought it, but then was like dang how could they even think of making it.

honestly speaking, the story doesnt focus on anything at all.....n is not at all logical... it basically revolves around a quiet/polite struggling actor of hollywood who goes back to nj to attend his mom's funeral. n from that time on he keeps coming across all his childhood buddies....some became trash n some became rich n professionals like police officer..... why it was not logical? cuz it showed that the guy had to work as a waiter in la to support himself....moreover, he had to wear makeup to look like asian so to work at the vietnamese restaurent (i dont think california lacks part time jobs like that, come on i live here!)......but in nj he was the son of a very very rich jewish man.

it started out lazy n suddenly picked up...i mean the movie is full of chats n was like sitting at a restaurent all alone to hear how others' lives were going....

its better if u watch ladykillers....the best tom hanks movie ever! u wont be able to stop yourself from laughing.
Reply:Hated it, hated that movie to death!
Reply:Its my co-worker's favorite movie. It wasn't the greatest movie i've ever seen but I enjoyed it. It's worth the rental fee.
Reply:If you liked I heart Huckabees, you'll love Garden State. A very bad movie

Unless you're going to pull it to Natalie Portman She is sooooooo exquisite
Reply:Ain't that a movie about where they PLANT all of the mafia thugs in the gardens of the local residents. Oooopps! Did I give it away?

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