Monday, May 11, 2009

Scrubs / garden state parallel?

My best guy friend (who i have feelings for, and might have feelings for me) LOVES garden state and scrubs. garden state makes him cry, and scrubs is his favorite tv show

he says im just like sam in garden state (and he frequently says how much he likes her personality)

AND with the scrubs thing- he compares himself to JD all the time, and told me that i am elliot. he thinks my personality is like elliots, he says i basically AM elliot. and he IS JD

could this mean he likes me as i like him?

Scrubs / garden state parallel?
It's possible. You could watch Garden State together and afterwards you could say, "I could be your Sam". Idk.. lol Maybe you could playfully wrestle and see where that goes. It seems like you already have a strong emotional connection. These comparisons could be his way of trying to be subtle about it. Switching from a great friendship into a romantic one can either be smooth sailing or ugly. Up the physical contact a little and see where it goes. If it weirds him out you could always blame it on PMS (we all go a little whack then). Good luck. : )
Reply:I seriously think that guy is cycotic....I mean really...i'm not joking, he's obsessed with wonder one day he'll start acting like a comedian in scrubs....u sud leave the guy with HIS thoughts and HIS virtual world u know....before u REALLY make feeling for him.....and the stronger once.
Reply:I love natalie portman.. you should leave your boyfriend and marry me..

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