Monday, May 11, 2009

The movie Garden State: Seen it? Please answer!?

Ok, I have yet to see Garden State, but yesterday someone said I was like Natalie Portman's character in it.

Is this a good thing? Can someone please describe (in detail) what her character, Sam, is like?

Like her personality and all that. PLEASE ANSWER!!

(I know it's a weird question, but who cares?)

The movie Garden State: Seen it? Please answer!?
Yes, it's a very good thing. She's quirky and spontaneous and the main character falls head over heels for her (as do all the viewers.) That is a wonderful compliment- now watch the movie, it's wonderful especially the song she plays for him.
Reply:heres what the back of the movie says

"Twentysomething, emotionally detached andrew largeman (braff) returns home to New Jersey after nine long years. Now, as he tries to re-connect with his past, a series of chance encounters with Same (natalie portman) - a free-spirited girl who's everything he isn't - sets the stage for a fateful, mind-blowing take on what his future might hold."

so she's free spirited and really good for him, she has a sense of humour and is what he needs.
Reply:yes! i luv dat movie representin my home state--he went to my old high school and u can see a quick clip of it in the movie.

Sam has epilepsy, which causes her to have seizures. She very much in her own world (as in she drums to her own beat), she very eccentric, out-going, accepting %26amp; loyal, warm-hearted, a self-proclaimed compulsive liar, child-like innocence--very sweet all round girl--it's a great movie!

You should check out the soundtrack too, very good!
Reply:She is sweet and innocent but at the same time mysterious. I've never seen such a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. It's definitely a good thing. Even though she can tend to act childish and blabber, it's the cutest flaw anyone can have. She is sensitive but knows to laugh and love live.
Reply:her character is usually pretty out of it

she lies, but it's some illness, but she later tells the truth...

she sweet, and is pretty much a free spirit who doesn't care what people have to say about her

bty, the movie's soundtrack is amazing
Reply:there was a guy one here the other day who asked if you could date any charachter in a movie who would it be, i said sam cause she looks hyper in a fun kinda way and she is the type of perosn you love more and more every time you see her speak move or smile
Reply:I saw it a while ago, but if I recall properly she's quirky and carefree.
Reply:Dude, she's kinda quirky, but a handful of fun.

Have a smooth one.


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