Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can you think of a nickname for my state?

We had to create an imaginary state for social studies class. Mine is named Calusa, and is located near Mississippi and Arkansas. The state bird is the black-capped chickadee and the flower is the yellow rose. Its climate is warm all year round. Can you think of a nickname? For example, New Jersey is the Garden State, New York is the Empire State, etc.

Can you think of a nickname for my state?
Call it the Trojan State-cuz parked between Arkansas and Mississippi---heaven forbid they reproduce!
Reply:The Simple Man's State!
Reply:Florida the sunshine state

California the golden state
Reply:The Golden State. Because it's always warm and the flower is yellow rose.
Reply:hey buddy!

Yellow Rose State

Peaceful Garden of Friendship
Reply:The Laughter State
Reply:The Beautiful Country?
Reply:The diamond state. There are a few diamond mines in the area of arkansas.
Reply:I'd call it the River State, since Mississippi and Arkansas are across the Mississippi from each other.
Reply:y'all state.
Reply:Land of Ideal Weather
Reply:Swampie. "It ain't a swamp if the water runs off"
Reply:the bright and sunny state
Reply:The Fantasy State, because it is.

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