Saturday, May 22, 2010

What should be your state slogan?

Like I live in the Garden State but we could be the We Had the Gay Governor State

What should be your state slogan?
We are the Lone Star State but we should be renamed "Home of the Polygamy Raid of 2008"
Reply:We have the most beautiful team in baseball, and it's not the Cubs we have a really cool skyline (in Chicago) state.

yeah, it should read just like that too.
Reply:Florida is currently "The Sunshine State".. instead, it should be, "The Almost as Good as California State."
Reply:The motto for Texas is almost perfect. It just needs one minor alteration:

Don't Mess with Texas --%26gt; Don't F*** with Texas
Reply:Louisiana (The Hurricane Landin State)
Reply:Tennessee. Hablo espaƱol.
Reply:"Welcome to Walmart--everything else is out of business"
Reply:The Sunshine State should be the "Tourist Trap State...send more the last batch is broke."
Reply:I live in Johannesburg

We call it Gangsters Paradise
Reply:Here in Ohio is should be just what it is...The BUCKEYE State!
Reply:Illinois: Land of Corrupt Governors
Reply:Ours should be "We hang'em high and lethal inject ya here in Texas."
Reply:i live in Ny

"the state that can create and take away dreams"
Reply:"The Sunshine (And Cloudy) State"!!
Reply:"born to rock, drink and f**k!"
Reply:how green is my valley.S.Wales uk.
Reply:Massachusetts: Our Taxes Are Lower Than Sweden’s
Reply:Haha, F to the O got that one right!
Reply:Alaska,we have oil,ha,ha!!
Reply:I think Don't mess with Texas pretty much sums up my state pretty well.

Show to get out of here! LOL :)
Reply:I hate NY, certainly not i ♥Ny
Reply:ontario canada

"we grow potatoes......wooo*
Reply:Our "Happy cows come from California" is BS, we beat them...we beat them good!

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