Thursday, May 20, 2010

I bought a house has an electric certificate stating its a TN-C-S system but have earth electrode in garden?

and no obvious service providor earthing connection?

I bought a house has an electric certificate stating its a TN-C-S system but have earth electrode in garden?
tn-c-s is the most common type where you nutral and earth share the same path out of your building. so you may not see it if you dont understand what your looking for.If the electrode in the garden is electrical it would have to be tested as part of the certificate so if you have any doubt contact whoever tested it and ask
Reply:TN-C-S is the newest form of earthing it could be your earth was originally spiked, but then given PME/ TNCS earth. Its really common to see what you have in villages and rural areas where the electricity is distributed via overhead lines, equally the inspector could have ticked the wrong box.

If you look on the cert there should be a Ze at source box this is usally below 0.35ohms on a TN-C-S.

If your really worried call the company who issued the cert and ask them.
Reply:can you see the main cable coming will go in to the cable head,from this the live and neutral tails go to the meter then to your fuseboard.if your system is tnc-s,then at the right hand side of the cable head there should be a little box,slightly bigger than a match box,this is where the earth should be.,but your supplier has no obligation to provide you with an earth,so there might not be sounds like some one has put a spike in to achieve an earth,but you would only do this after testing the supply in the house with an earth loop tester.even then there a certain factors to consider,you could be gettin an earth through your water or gas pipes,although nowadays this is not to be trusted,as mains supplies are being replaced by plastic.,i would suggest gettin a spark cuase if you dont know what you are doing it could be potentially lethal!
Reply:Forget it,

Your earth for your power at home is spiked in some onto your garden. It is perfectally normal and you need do nothing. Its just the way your electrics have been bonded.


Reply:TNCS or Protective Multiple Earthing regulations say that any earthed metal work outside the equipotential zone must be earth staked down this could be an oil line/tank or exposed gas pipe etc. it may be this you can see.

The TNCS earth connection will be obvious at your meter, just follow the earthing lead from your consumer unit it should go to the service providers neutral connection.

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