Thursday, May 20, 2010

What states can you have a garden all year?

I want to move to a state where I can grow my fruits and vegies all year, does anyone know which states this is? Thanks

What states can you have a garden all year?
Southern Florida, Hawaii, Southern California, and parts of Texas. That is providing that the weather cooperates!

Or you could garden in containers or a green house- in which case outside conditions will not matter too much.
Reply:The real answer is every state

chives, garlic and such can be grown in the fridgid temps

other than that other vegies may be grown in a cold frame or greenhouse

Reply:I live in Cape Coral Florida and we have a garden all year. Right now we have tomatoes,brussel sprouts, cauliflower and onions plus grapefruit, star fruit, lemons, oranges, key limes, tangerines, limes etc.

It is also 88 degrees right this second and it is December.
Reply:Hawaii. Probably California, Florida and the like. Depends on what crops you are growing methinks.
Reply:I can't really answer that , but I know here in Northern California we can.

I'd imagine the Mediterranean Climate as something to do with that. Of course that being said certain crops like cool weather better than others so we have winter garden crops such as kale, brassicas %26amp; lettuce or root crops, then in summer when it is warmer, the regular vegetables thrive. Pupmkins or squash, beans, garlic, shallots, Onions etc.

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