Monday, May 17, 2010

The movie garden state?

so he just stopped taking his pills ? i dont get it.. dont u like go crazy if you stop? my friend also takes pills and when he quit his medicine without telling his mom his emotions and his whole brain was all messed up... explain thanks

The movie garden state?
good point but it was inconvenient for the story
Reply:WHAT? Have sumbody else write ur questions ~ they don't make sense when u do it and there's a ton of information missing! Who did u expect could a answer as scrambled like that?
Reply:Thats the thing, he didnt need the medicine in the first place. He was over-diagnosed by his psychiatrist father who thought he was helping him, when actually he was hurting him. He didnt need the medicine to make him better b/c the medicine is what was making him feel empty inside, just like he was coasting through life without feeling any emotion. So when he stopped taking the medicine, he became normal for the first time since he was very voung. He was finally living his life.
Reply:he stopped taking them because he didnt need them in the first place, his father prescribed him the pills after his mother's death. the pills actually numbed his emotions and that is why he just didnt seem to care about anything. your friend is crazy for real that is why he had mood swings and the such. also garden state is a movie not real life so they were not gonna show adverse reactions
Reply:I get Oxycotin and Valium.
Reply:The pills might calm him down and when he doesnt take them he might not be calm.

Or he may be addicted to the pills and crave them.

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